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We help you craft the preliminary version of your product

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that before you simply dive into developing a product and start prototyping, you must start from the beginning to identify the most effective way of accomplishing what you're working towards.

Before prototyping, it is best to talk to potential customers to identify their interests and needs by introducing the new product concept to them. This will help in finding out you are creating a need or solving a problem.

From these interactions, a lot can be learned about workflows and the willingness of the end customer to use this new product. This also helps the innovator to learn which product modifications are necessary. Market study often reveals counter-intuitive facts about the market even if you think you are well acquainted with it.

The prototype does not have to be made by you directly. If your business venture involves a product that requires more technical know-how or industry-specific expertise like VPG’s Team, it’s not uncommon to hire a product engineer or someone with more experience under their belt to help you craft the preliminary version of your product.

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