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product development

Product Development

Do you have innovative ideas, but don’t know where or how to get started?


Our in-house design, engineering, development, 3D printing and modelling services will support your company to achieve an effortless end-to-end product development process, while saving time and money.

Overcome design barriers to your exact product manufacturing requirements.

VPG Infographics design process


We at VPG thrive on challenges and endeavour to break new ground. This is why we draw on our vast network to better understand markets, products and the latest fabrication methods.


Pivotal to good design is the research that comes before it. Establishing the design constraints to shape the product and the process. This leads to good prototyping with real world results and therefore testing and evaluation is second nature to us. 


With integration of AS9000 quality assurance systems we take the products through the rigorous lifetime tests they will encounter in the most extreme scenarios ensuring the product meet all performance indicators.


The latest in fabrication technology gives us the flexibility to push boundaries. Facilitated by world class machining and tooling engineers, we thrive on quality, repeatability and speed. But don’t take our word for it

product prototype

Product Prototyping

Our team of In-house design and engineering using the latest CAD/CAM software combined with model making tools and years of manufacturing expertise. We can achieve extremely short turnaround times for product concepts to final working prototypes.

We will consult with you to materialise your idea into commercial success according to your custom specifications.

Leading-edge 3D printers

From Ultimaker to GE Arcams, we've got world-class printers in-house. From FDM to EBM, we have the 3D printing process to fit your requirements.

We will make sure you get the best suited materials for your print: from UV-resistant PLA, multi-colour ABS, Flexible TPU, Carbon Fibre mixed with Nylon Filament or Titanium Ti64, you get a broad choice of the latest additive manufacturing materials and processes.

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advanced manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Through the Alliance of Starke-AMG, VPG Innovation provides advanced manufacturing services in both Australia and Michigan, USA. Within the alliance we've got quality and management compliant to ISO9001:2015, AS 9100D:2016 Aerospace, and ITAR compliant.


With  best-practice production strategies and processes, we can help you unlock mass production of high complexity, high performance, robust and reliable components. 

Access to a suite of larger machine tools for your large milling and turning requirements.

CNC Milling to 5 metre x 3 metre capacity plus 4 axis Horizontal Boring to 3 metre x 2 metre capacity with synchronous table. 

costumer service
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commercial guidance

Commercial Guidance

Our in-house marketing team help you develop your branding, packaging, and marketing assets for a successful entry into the market. Commercial guidance and services include a business model and path into the market, product market fit, graphic design services for a strong brand identity.

CAD engineering prototype

User Experience

When a product is being developed, people pay a great deal of attention to functional design and the aesthetic appeal. As important as that is, user experience is often overlooked. How a product works and feels when a person interacts with it can often make the difference between success and failure.  


We take the user of your product into account every step of the way in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing development of your product.   

Design and production run by specialist engineers

Products and parts made from titanium, aluminium, steel, plastics or medical-grade composites

Experience the fastest Metal 3D Printing Services in SA

From bulk part orders to finely crafted and assembled prototypes

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