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Innovation background
Our in-house research and development (R&D) services support your company to create, customise, and streamline, while saving time and money.
Overcome design barriers to your exact product manufacturing requirements.
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VPG Innovation is a partner of the seven company group, Stärke-AMG. VPG is able to access the full services of the group to provide customers with a seamless integrated service of Advanced Manufacturing services.

With a range of capabilities and over 50 years of knowledge, Stärke-AMG are an 100% Australian operated and owned group of companies. We have earn our excellent reputation by delivering small and large-scale machining, advanced manufacturing, and tooling projects to high quality standards on time. Our end-to-end product development is tailored to suit each individual project and client, no project is too large nor small for Stärke-AMG.


Our continual investment in the finest machinery and methodologies, coupled with our integrity, experience, enthusiasm, commitment, and quality

management procedures, ensures that we set the standard as one of Australia’s leading manufacturing and maintenance support partners.


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Delivery of high quality, value for money, customized metal fabrication solutions

Prototype engineering drawings

VPG Innovation is an engineering and product development company that works with our clients to generate breakthrough engineering solutions. We work with your innovation and creativity, and help you refine your concept to its final production-optimised version. How can we help you make sure your product delivers an exceptional experience for your customers? 


We practise user-centred design, which means that we take the user of your product into account every step of the way while developing and perfecting your product.  


Our team of engineers and industrial designers utilise CAD, develop prototypes, and refine testing methods until we achieve the ultimate performance, look and feel for your product.    


We take care of materials procurement and refine production workflow to achieve cost-effective manufacturing solutions, preserving the product quality while increasing your profit margins. 


Our branding and marketing specialities give your product a voice, combining market research and a tuned-up launch campaign to kickstart your commercialisation success. 

 subsequent reworking of aircraft rivet holes
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