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VPG Innovation: Our 2020 in product development achievements

Last year, VPG-Innovation had a unique opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to providing technical expertise, outstanding quality and swift delivery to its customers.

Despite challenging circumstances, VPG-INNOVATION were well-positioned to adapt, expand and progress.

Starting from product concepts, we relentlessly designed, prototyped and commercialised complete solutions under very restricted timeframes. As a result, we achieved substantial growth to our client base and revenues. Our strong project management methodologies enabled us to expedite our solutions.

Difficult times demands companies show their strengths and continually resolve weak areas. In a certain way, this challenging year was a gift to us: It was rewarding to grapple with difficulties and produce solutions.

We express GRATITUDE to our customers for confidence and trust placed in us, allowing us to craft our success story, and renew our pledge to bring excellence to you in 2021.


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