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Learning about the benefits of titanium 3D printing

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

VPG’s Technical Manager Chris McKay, along with Project Engineers Jeremy Walker and James Mathison from QPE Advanced Machining, recently spent 5 days visiting CSIRO Manufacturing in Melbourne. Under the supervision of Dr Darren Fraser, they

including gaining hands-on experience in preparing 3D models and metal powder handling and recovery.

Chris, Jeremy and James worked with CSIRO’s Swedish-made Arcam electron beam metal 3D printers, which will soon be in service at Stärke-AMG Alliance.

“This was an incredible experience for me," Chris said. “It gave me a better understanding of how 3D printing compares with CNC machining, and the different design approaches required. This will help us to offer the best solutions for our clients’ specific needs. We’re extremely thankful to CSIRO for the opportunity to spend time at this impressive facility and for the excellent guidance we received.”


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