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Exporting Rapid Response Clamps to our new Norwegian distributor

VPG is exporting more Rapid Response Clamps to our new Norwegian distributor Steinar H. Sunde AS this week.

The VPG Rapid Response Clamp was engineered with Defence Science and Technology (DST) to contain leakage from damaged pipework under pressure faster and with less potential for harm to the operator than all competitive systems on the market. The RRP is by far the fastest method to repair a pipe under pressure (5x faster than any other method or device). Developed originally for use in combat vessels, the Pipe Repair Technology is now available in three variants and has application across a variety of industries including energy, oil & gas, mining, refining, aviation, maritime, chemical and food industries.

Every single US Navy Ship has this clamp onboard.

These clamps are now present in the USA, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & South Africa.


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