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Did you know?

Did you know: As a member of Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group, VPG offers a full-service Advanced Manufacturing experience from concept through to production, with access to resources available within the group of companies.

With support of QPE Advanced Machining, Stärke Tooling, Stärke AMG Inc., and QPE Fabrication, your product can be precision machined, 3D printed, tooled, moulded, cast, welded and assembled in a fraction of time.

Our clients benefit from our ownership of cutting-edge machinery and software, a team of engineering and manufacturing specialists, workshops located in Australia and the USA, and global partners in a supply chain tested across +30 years.

This full-scope manufacturing integration allows us to expedite a product development process to its best version possible: A faster, better, and smarter product launch, brought to you by VPG Innovation.

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