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Carbon Fibre 3D printing now available in Adelaide

VPG has been pioneering once again on the innovation scene of South Australia: In the past few months, we have been exploring the boundaries of 3D printing technology, expanding our capabilities to offer parts and prototypes made of advanced engineering polymers.

That places us amongst the very few Adelaide-based suppliers of this niche technology that has enormous potential for product development.

Our favourite composites to tinker with currently are the carbon fibre composite polymers, as seen in the photo: due to its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, those composites have allowed us to produce functional, defence-grade prototypes and rapid manufacturing of critical components straight to our clients.

Intriguingly these prototypes have allowed us to perform real-life tests while simulating material characteristics of the desired final component, expediting product development, and limiting costly design flaws.

The Carbon Fibre thermoplastic composites are indeed a fantastic family of high-performance materials, particularly when used in aerospace and defence projects. They are strong and lightweight, heat resistant and perform well under stress: highly desirable features in parts bound to challenge gravity, allowing to innovate and improve parts’ structurally.

If you would like to benefit from the advantages of this novel manufacturing technology, speak to us: We’ll be thrilled to guide you through the exciting world of rapid product development and manufacture.


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