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3D Printing, Adelaide

Chief Executive of STÄRKE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING GROUP, ( STÄRKE-AMG ), Mr. Grant Tinney announced today the decision to invest in production 3D printing of metals at its VPG INNOVATION site in Adelaide, South Australia.

“The installation of these four ARCAM EBM ( Electron Beam Melt ), printers will allow STÄRKE-AMG to significantly grow our capabilities in the advanced manufacturing field and complements perfectly our ongoing investment in Precision Machining, Advanced Fabrication, Mould and Die manufacture and Product Design and Commercialisation. These machines will be installed in our VPG INNOVATION business which already has strong capability in the 3D printing of engineering polymers and carbon filled polymers with technology such as 3D Systems 660 Pro machines and others currently installed at its Port Adelaide facility. VPG assists clients in advanced engineering ,industrial and product design as well as developing a growing range of diverse products for itself”

ARCAM EBM technology was chosen by STÄRKE-AMG as the technology was developed for cost-effective production of componets in demanding applications such as structural Aerospace components and complex medical components meeting the highest material standards.

The advantages of the ARCAM EBM technology are well documented and include:

The processing is done in a vacuum which provides a clean and controlled environment and minimizes the risk of contamination.

The build chambers are specifically designed to withstand extremely high process temperatures over 1,000° C, enabling new crack prone alloys to be produced.

The machine uses electrons as energy carriers, ( electron beam rather than laser ), providing deeper energy penetration and low reflection in the powder.

Due to the design and process of EBM there is low residual stress in the components and no need for post operative heat treatment. This makes EBM perfect for High heat materials capable. Eg Titanium.

MultiBeam™ technology, for high productivity and surface quality.


The four machines will have an extended build volume of 350 x 350 x 380mm.

Contact VPG INNOVATION Manager Mr. Chris McKay at to learn more about how we can assist your next project.

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