Bringing a product to market has never been easier

Liquid Lightbulb

An innovative approach from ideation to implementation

VPG INNOVATION is an engineering and product development company member of  Stärke-AMG Alliance, an Advanced Manufacturing Alliance specialising in additive manufacturing, component supply and precision machined assemblies. From medical and defence to automotive and mass-produced consumer goods, we take pride in serving the most rigorous industries combining VPG’s product development expertise and Starke’s industrial capabilities. By matching our defence-grade industrial facilities and an expert team of industrial designers, engineers, and product marketers, we take your concept to commercial reality cost-effectively and in the fastest possible time.

//Imagine //Design//Create//Launch Project

Ideas have a window of opportunity. We ensure our clients don't miss them.


We improve your product concept with real-life, proven engineering solutions to the practical problems you need to solve. We take the effort off your creativity and refine your initial concept to its prime version: Useful, Scalable, Safe, Sellable and Profitable.


Our team of engineers and industrial designers  expedite CAD, develope prototypes, and refine testing methodologies until we achieved the ultimate performance, look and feel for the product.


We take care of materials procurement and  refine production workflow to achieve cost-effective manufacturing solutions, preserving the product quality while increasing your profit margins.


Our branding and marketing specialities give your product a voice, combining market research and a tuned-up launch campaign to kickstart yourcommercialisation success.

We also assist clients to source their required production requirements