Some of our recent projects

Rapid Response Clamp

After huge success with the US Military, this product has been commercialised in various diameters and pressures for all sectors including maritime, mining, & energy.


Bella Vino

Bella vino is an ergonomic device that allows beautiful wine to be enjoyed in the outdoors without the worry of spilling. The cleverly designed concave head allows for any shaped wine glass to comfortably fit, without the need to balance your precious wine on the grass or on the sand.


VPG Protective

In response to the demands of the pandemic, our manufacturing abilities were called upon to develop face shields for medical professionals.

mira blue.jpg

Rivet Hole Alignment Tool

The RHAT is a hand-held tool for the alignment of drills/reamers on structures requiring high dimensional tolerance and/or precise positioning of drilled features, for example, aircraft structures.

iso view_clipped_rev_1.png